Simple And Quick Way To Create A Lasting Power Of Attorney

Many people think that writing a will is not necessary, since they say that life is what you make it. Realistically, there are lots of families who are left with big burdens just because their breadwinners didn’t make their wills before passing away. There are some who put this task aside because they think it is expensive and time consuming. Then again, the world is fast evolving. Thanks to the Internet, people can now make wills even if they are at home or doing other things in their lives. Will writing online is something that not all people know about and sometimes even frowned upon due to the fact that it is not popular. If you haven’t heard of this option before and you wish to secure your family’s future, here are some pieces of information that can help you when making a will¬†online.

How can a Lasting Power of Attorney help me?

You may not know, but a Lasting Power of Attorney can help you in many ways. For instance, if you have a business partner who has the business registered under him or her, you may have a hard time in the future because most companies only honer decisions coming from registered owners. Another scenario where a Power of Attorney can be very useful is when something happens to your partner and no one has been assigned to take over the company. Perceptibly, you should be the one to handle things in his or her absence, but without a clear documentation of your partnership and position, you and the company may be placed under the hands of other people.

Are online wills safe?

If you create your will online using a secured website like, there’s no need to worry about safety. Firstly, online files are not subject to wear and tear, unlike physical documents that tend to deteriorate in time. You also don’t need to rent a separate safe box to keep your will away from others. The website is 100% secure, so all you have to do is print your will whenever you’re done and have it signed.

Am I qualified?

There are conditions that need to be met when creating an online will. These standards are not too hard to remember, but make sure that you review them before taking action. Firstly, you should be within the majority age, which is 18 in England and Wales and 16 in Scotland. You should also be classified as mentally capable to make decisions, to ensure that all the details in your will are true. The will must be properly witnessed, signed and not influenced by duress.

Complicated Situations

If you are into a complicated situation with your assets, inheritance tax or your family, you don’t need to panic right away. All you need to do is contact your personal attorney or the company that you wish to handle this for you to see what your options are. If you’re browsing through, you can leave a message through their Contact Us page, send them an email at or call them through their number 08000431158.

How much does it usually cost to create an online will?

If you will check Simple Wills’ rates, you will notice that they don’t charge too much. Prices start at ¬£28.95 and you can also make a personalized package based on your needs. This is very reasonable compared to the fees that you have to pay when hiring a solicitor outside and refilling your car’s petrol every now and then. With an online will, you can work at your pace with privacy and you can save a lot of cash.

Making A Will Online In A Few Minutes

Making a will is a very important activity considering the uncertain nature of today’s life. However, you don’t have to follow the conventional, tedious and time consuming method of calling, visiting and waiting for the attorney. Instead, you just need an internet connection and you can make your will by yourself in a matter of…Continue Reading